Fantasy football managers around the world are today rushing to snap up new £18.5m Watford striker Andre Gray on Fantasy Premier League because he must be good, surely?

The former Burnley striker became Watford’s record signing on Wednesday, and the move has caused many FPL managers to take note.

“I’d never really considered Gray as a viable option, however he must be good if someone wants to pay £18.5m for him, right? I’m gonna snap him up!” – claimed one FPL manager.

Another said “9 goals last season and then a big-money move to Watford… how can I justify not having him on Fantasy Premier League at just £6.5m?!”

However, it seems not everyone has been hypnotised by Gray’s transfer fee, with one FPL manager taking to Twitter on Wednesday evening to simply say “£18.5m? Stop the world, I’m getting off.”

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Despite this scepticism, FPL fanatic, John Crumble was quick to point out Gray’s obvious talent.

“Shearer only cost £15m and he turned out pretty well. If Gray’s worth £18.5m then he must be better, so he’s definitely going straight into my side for this weekend.”

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