David Moyes’ recent resignation from Sunderland is largely due to the fact that he finished bottom of the Premier League managers’ private Fantasy Premier League contest that cost £100 per man to enter, according to the winner of the league Eddie Howe.

“We always operated with a level of trust and didn’t collect the hundred quids until the end of the season, thinking that none of the lads would struggle to pay up”, said the Bournemouth and MurderOnZidane’sFloor manager.

Moyes, however, appears to have quit Sunderland and disappeared abroad, dodging his £100 penalty in the process.

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“He seems to have just f***** off without paying”, said an angry Howe during Wednesday’s exclusive interview with the Daily FFB.

“He ignored my text asking him to send the cash over, and then I poked him on Facebook to try and get a response that way. A few hours later, he just uploaded a picture of a beach somewhere. He’s clearly just mocking me in a ‘this is what I’m doing with your cash’ kind of way”.

Premier League spokesman Ken Dodger has suggested that if Moyes doesn’t pay up in the next week, he may be banned from Fantasy Premier League for life.

“We don’t tolerate non-payers in Fantasy Premier League. If a fair conclusion isn’t reached, we may have to issue the first ever life ban from the platform.”

“This could, however, be seen as a favour to David Moyes, because he’s utterly sh*t at FPL anyway, unsurprisingly. My advice to him would be to stay on the beach and never manage anything or anyone ever again.”

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