Cesc Fabregas has today revealed that the sarcastic clap towards referee Craig Pawson that earned him the first of 2 yellow cards during Chelsea’s home defeat to Burnley, was actually aimed at you for picking him in fantasy football.

“Everyone thinks I was taking the p*ss out of the ref for another awful decision. Whilst partly true, I was actually sarcastically clapping everyone that picked me on FPL. I just wanted to do something to really p*ss them off.”

“Nothing makes us professionals happier than screwing over a bunch of people who thought we’d be a really good fantasy footy pick, so I thought it’d be a really awesome, cheap way to pick up a totally needless card.”

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Having been picked by 7.8% of Fantasy Premier League users, it’s fair to say that Fabregas hasn’t endeared himself to too many people around the world, however, the Spaniard had a more positive way of looking at it.

“You could say I p*ssed off a lot of people, but remember, for every 1 person who now hates me for ruining their fantasy football score, there are at least 2 friends of that person who now like me because I p*ssed their mate off. You see how that works?”

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