Gameweek 2 of the Premier League has been and gone, and with it is a new leader at the top of our private league.

However, what better place to start by mentioning how last week’s league leader (Mark Kinsella XI) with 102 points in gameweek 1, managed to get a fantastic 27 points in gameweek 2 – providing us with the greatest fall from grace since Chelsea won the Premier League and then finished 10th the following season!

He now sits in 51st place, just a million miles off where he once was.

We do however have a new number 1, ‘Busby Babes’, who luckboxed really hard as Wayne Rooney scored away at Man City and Chicharito bagged twice at defensively tight Southampton. His 78 points in gameweek 2 was enough to claim top spot, however we are confident that he also won’t be there for long!

This week’s main news, however, goes to bottom of the league ‘Chelsea FC’ who made just the 21 transfers this week and incurred an 80 point penalty!

Now of course no one wants to use their wildcard too early in a new season, however this is definitely taking it too far!

At least his efforts were rewarded fantastically, as this team racked up a stunning total of 38 points, before deductions! Who needs a wild card?

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