SO after much excitement in the build up, the new season landed upon us last Friday evening when Arsenal took on Leicester in a thriller at the Emirates.

With that, a new season of Fantasy Premier League was born and we saw 279 people join our FPL league (if you haven’t joined and would still like to, the code is 2344298-555016!)

So, let’s take a look at how our league is looking after Gameweek 1!

Top of the table

As always, some hideously lucky b****** has to be top, and at this early stage of the season, that b****** is Mark Kinsella XI. Let’s analyse his team:

winning gwk 1 fantasy fantasy football banter private league team

As we can see, he scored an impressive 102 points – a very mean feat in any gameweek, especially gameweek 1 when it’s tougher to predict the highest performers.

However, his score was boosted significantly by what must’ve been a crack-induced decision to triple-captain Romelu Lukaku. No waiting for a double gameweek, no waiting for proof of good form… ‘I’m just triple captaining him RIGHT NOW!’

Also, a special mention must go to his choice of vice captain – Fraser Forster! Now we aren’t saying that this is a negative, safe option, but it’s definitely the type of move that Tony Pulis himself would probably pull.

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Anyway, let’s see if Mark Kinsella XI can stay at the top throughout the season. We don’t think he can.

Now, let’s look at the bottom of the league….

Well, take a bow Harrison Moffat.

With 23 points, you are this week’s biggest loser! And looking at his team, it’s easy to see why:

losing team in gameweek 1 fantasy football banter private league review

Okay, the sending off of 2 players was a little unlucky to say the least, but this team is frankly diabolical!

No big name striker, THREE Newcastle players who were playing at home to Spurs, Chicharito starting away to Man Utd… this guy was most definitely high when drafting this squad. Not to mention Christian Eriksen on the bench!

All of the money is invested in defence here which makes it highly likely that you are also Tony Pulis. Tony’s getting busy this year it seems.

Remarkably, Harrison Moffat’s squad value has only dropped slightly to £99.9m for gameweek 2. Really, it would be better off being auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Will he be bottom again after gameweek 2? There’s a strong chance!

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