Fantasy Premier League managers around the world were today freaking out en-mass about the imminent departure of FPL superstar Moussa Sissoko who is rumoured to be set to join Fenerbahce this week.

After scoring 11 goals in just 118 Premier League appearances for Newcastle, many were shocked to see Tottenham pick the marauding Frenchman up for just £30m last year, in what was largely considered to be the bargain of the summer.

During his debut season for Spurs, the notorious wing-wizard catapulted his new side to an impressive second-placed finish in the Premier League thanks to 3 assists in just 25 bit-part appearances, making him a firm favourite among Tottenham supporters and Fantasy Premier League managers alike.

Consequently, his shock, imminent departure has left many FPL lovers with a last minute headache as to how he can be replaced with just 1 week to go before the 2017/18 Premier League season begins.

John Connolly, manager of ‘3 Men And A Bebe’, claims that he’s going to have to wipe his entire squad after he’d already built it around Sissoko.

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“I’m gutted about the latest transfer talk. It was just last week that I sat down and did hours worth of research that had lead to Sissoko. He was my crown jewel. All of that has gone to sh*t now.”

Meanwhile, 32 year-old Kelvin Johnson from Crewe claims that he’s had a player named Sissoko in his side for as long as he can remember, a run that is finally set to come to an end.

“Moussa was the latest in a fine line of Sissoko’s that I’ve had in my side, ever since about 2006 or 7 or something, when I first started playing.

“Before Moussa there was Momo, and before him I’m pretty sure there was another one who I can’t quite remember. The only hope I’ve got now is that a team like Newcastle goes and buys another one from the French league or something.”

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