Zlatan Ibrahimovic has this week revealed during an interview with the Daily FFB that he has still been captaining himself in his Fantasy Premier League side despite his season-ending injury just a few weeks ago.


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Since suffering a serious knee injury in April, many pundits have been speculating whether we might have seen the last of the big Swedish striker in the Premier League, however Zlatan himself seems to be more optimistic.

“I haven’t been able to run around since it happened but I’ve still been giving myself the captain’s armband on FPL since I’ve been on fire on there all season.”

“I’ve been Inter Yer’Mam captain in every single fixture this season and I don’t see why it should stop just because of an injury. Who else can I pick? My other forwards are Aguero and some guy who plays for a sh*tty team that’s probably down at the bottom or something, maybe Watford. That other guy might’ve even f*cked off to China come to think of it.”

“Look at it like this; Aguero got a minus 1 earlier in this season… Zlatan can’t get a minus 1 when injured, can I?”

“I don’t trust people who play in midfield because they shirk all responsibility, and defenders? I eat them for breakfast”

“Plus, scoring goals as a striker is all about confidence anyway, not fitness.”

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