John Terry has this week revealed that he will also retire from Fantasy Premier League at the end of this season when his Chelsea contract expires unless they introduce a wife sh*gging feature for fantasy players.

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The Chelsea legend confirmed during an interview with the Daily FFB that there was not much point in continuing being a part of FPL if he couldn’t commit any naughty deeds with the wives of his teammates.

“I’ve been a great pick over the years on FPL thanks to the fact that me and the lads have formed a formidable defensive reputation that has been littered with 4 point clean-sheet bonuses… that and the fact I used to pop up with a few goals.”

However, when I leave Chelsea this month, regrettably I will probably leave Fantasy Premier League too. I’ve been banging teammates’ wives successfully for almost 2 decades, but on FPL there is still no feature to allow me to do that, so what’s the point?

I’ll probably retire from all fantasy platforms and focus my energy on finding more wives to bang in the real world. Hopefully, I’ve got another 2 decades in me.”

It remains unclear though whether or not the Chelsea and England star will reconsider his stance should FPL introduce such a feature.

“If Fantasy Premier League was to incorporate such points-bonuses in the future, I might reconsider my decision. However we get 6 points for an ordinary goal as it is, so scoring with a team mate’s wife would have to come with a bonus worth at least 10 points for me to even think about coming out of retirement”.

Over to you, FA.

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