Jonjo Shelvey Reveals The Reason For His Opening Day Stamp On Dele Alli

During an interview with The FFB this morning, Jonjo Shelvey revealed the reason why he got sent off during Newcastle’s opening day defeat at the hands of Tottenham at St James’ Park.

Speaking with one of our reporters in an exclusive interview, Shelvey revealed that Dele Alli had verbally abused him just minutes earlier in the game due to his the lack of people who have drafted the Newcastle man on Fantasy Premier League.

“I misplaced a pass just a few minutes earlier and Dele let out a little laugh then muttered to me “that’s why you’re only in 1.8% of teams on FPL”, and that just enraged me”, the Newcastle man said.

“I got him back good though, didn’t I? Maybe he’ll draft me into his side before we play them at Wembley later in the season.”

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When asked if his anger was only directly at Dele Alli or if he is also held a grudge against the general footballing world for his lack of backers in fantasy football, Shelvey revealed he does have big plans to punish many others.

“I’m going to go out on Monday and walk around Newcastle. Every person I see will be asked if they picked me on FPL, and if they didn’t, they’ll get stepped on, bro. It’s that simple.”

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