In an interview with the Daily FFB earlier today, West Brom manager Tony Pulis defended his decision to play a 5-4-1 formation in his recent Fantasy Premier League matches.

The stubborn tactician who has become well-renowned for his negative tactics in real-life football, now appears to have adopted a similar approach for his fantasy team, Stroke Titty.


Asked why he opted to play Andy Carroll as a lone striker in FPL GW29, leaving both Sergio Aguero and Saido Berahino on the bench, Pulis justified his team selection defiantly:

“If the Italians have taught us 1 thing about football, it’s that a tight defence is the foundation of any winning side… and of course how to dive effectively. Okay, 2 things.”

“I felt that if we could keep it tight at the back, playing Andy as a lone striker would give us that outlet to hold the ball up, and perhaps, nick a goal if we got ridiculously lucky.”

“I had my eyes on those clean-sheet bonuses though really – 4 points a man! That’s where the real cheese is. Maybe even thrown in a cheeky bonus point or 2 and I’m crushing!”

Donning his trademark baseball cap, Pulis hinted that he isn’t so keen on his other striking options anyway, which contributed to his decision on the day.

“To be honest, Aguero has been shit for me all season anyway. I used up a chunk of my budget on him and he’s not repaid my faith. I’d sell him but it just feels so wrong because he’s lead my line for years. As for Saido, I only bought him on Fantasy Premier League so I could keep him on the bench once we’d let him go from West Brom in real life… I just want to continue punishing him. I hate the little pr*ck”.

“People can say what they want about my FPL tactics, but i’m 17,518th in the world and 3rd in our Premier League managers’ private league.”

“That’s like a Champions League spot”

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