The Best Fantasy Football Podcasts you Should be listening to in Order to Win your League

Fantasy Football just like any other form of entertainment has content that takes form in multiple forms of media. One of these important forms of media are podcasts. Podcasts are great since you can listen to them on your own time, with whatever platform you use for your music. The accessibility of podcasts are great but there is a downside that combats the excellence of the accessibility. There are too many podcasts around which means there is too much clutter and poor content with overused formats that wont help you as a fantasy football player. Here are a few podcast that you should que up wherever you listen to your podcasts to make the most of your listening time.

The Fantasy Footballers is not only an excellent fantasy football podcast but also one of the most entertaining podcasts in general. Winners of multiple awards for their great entertainment and comedy podcast, The Footballers will keep you informed and entertained for hours upon hours every week leading up to the season as well as during. This podcast was formed by three friends who share the same passion of fantasy football as all of their viewers so you know their content will be wonderful each time they post. along with their podcast they also release many helpful articles and small player profile videos that help readers/listeners make informed choices on what they want to do with their teams each season. The Footballers also have one of the most useful draft tools in the game to aid in all pre draft needs.

The Fantasy Football Astronauts is a smaller podcast vs The Fantasy Footballers but, that being said still one of the best listens in fantasy football. The content The Astronauts create is more dynasty focused than others, but thats what makes them stand out from the rest. On their website they have player profiles for almost all the incoming college athletes. These profiles contain scouting grades from the Astronauts to help you get a good understanding of how their experts view the rookies to aid in you next dynasty draft. If you prefer doing your own research and methods, they provide you with a ton of data and spreadsheets with rankings as well as film you can review of each rookies games from college that make you feel like a professional scout.

Ross Tucker Was an NFL player for five teams spanning seven seasons. He knows the game of football inside and out, his podcast gives a different perspective than others as he has a different type of expertise from experience. On the RT Football Podcast he not only talks fantasy but also just football in general which brings more entertaining elements to his podcast. One of the coolest parts of The Ross Tucker podcast is that with his NFL experience comes the connections to the beloved game of football, leading to guests on his shows that range from players to big named personalities to add to the entertainment. The ex NFL player view on fantasy is a perfect way to change up the normal boring fantasy football podcast up and keep you listening for hours and hours during the football season.

These are not the only amazing fantasy football podcasts but just a few of the ones that I love and listen to on a regular basis. When choosing what content you take in you should always see what they bring to the table in terms of entertainment value, as a boring podcast may be informative but you wont retain any of the information if your sleeping for half the podcast.

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